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BEAM Robotics - This is a webring dedicated to BEAM Robotics - a field of electronics/robotics striving to mimic natural systems that ha

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BEAM Robotics

Manager: lazarst
A web ring dedicated to BEAM Robotics - a field of electronics/robotics which strives to mimic natural systems and has inspired easily built walking robots which cost under $10. Truly the future of robotics!

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A Message To Every American From Congressman Ron Paul - 12/03/2007
"Under liberty, we built the greatest, freest, most prosperous, most decent country on earth. It's no coincidence that the monstrous growth of the federal government has been accompanied by a sickening decline in living standards and moral standards. The feds want us to be hamsters on a treadmill--working hard, all day long, to pay high taxes, but otherwise entirely docile and controlled. The huge, expensive, and out-of-control leviathan that we call the federal government wants to run every single aspect of our lives. Well, I'm sorry, but that's not America. It's not what the Founders gave us. It's not the country you believe in. It's not the country I believe in." - In a speech by Congressman Ron Paul (2002)

Read the entire speech by Congressman Ron Paul at the following site:

Remember December 16th!

Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America

In the battle for Liberty,

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