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Transport​ Giant​ Gold​ Edition​ 2012​ - 06/21/2012
It’s the year 1850, the beginning of the era of mass production. That means new, great chances for resourceful entrepreneurs: with the few funds you have and a good business idea you’ll be able to create empires – in the old world and in the booming cities of the USA. But how do the goods get to the customers? Who is going to transport these tremendous amounts of raw materials? Invest your funds wisely and establish that endlessly growing and booming empire… Get ready for action like you’ve never experienced it before, as the add-on to Transport Giant sends you to the most fascinating, mysterious but also most dangerous continent on earth – Australia! Whether you would like to transport necessary resources to the small gold-diggers villages, help the Royal Flying Doctors do their dangerous job, or imply the latest modern transport technology to bring the tiny towns spread across the seemingly endless plains of Australia a b...

Transport​ Giant​ Gold​ Edition​ 2012​

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