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Self Injury - This ring exists to offer support and answers to those who are cutters, self-injurers, and/or self-mutilators. There are

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Self Injury

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Manager: alicorna
This ring exists to offer support and answers to those who are cutters, self-injurers, and/or self-mutilators. There are specific reasons why people do this and it is NOT an issue of suicide! Self-injury is a coping mechanism, a way to gain relief from otherwise overwhelming emotions. This ring is here to provide insights into this issue.

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   The Darkest Days Preview Go
A site dedicated to helping self-injurers, and informing other about the truths of SI.
   ::S h a t t e r e d R e f l e c t i o n s:: Preview Go
This site is a haven for my loneliness where i feature the poetry..prose..art...o f myself and others. I also have my online journal, and anyone who wants to submit anything to my site it WILL be featured...look around..
   Cut art, not yourself Preview Go
create art through your pain

   A House of Perfect Chaos Preview Go
This site traces my journey through eating disorders, self-injury, and life. It contains my story, poetry, and thoughts as well as links to other related sites.
   The Inner Realm Preview Go
Welcome to The Inner Realm, a community for those who bravely battle mental illness and the for the people who love them. PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Depression and practically any other disorder or condition is covered here. We are also open to HSPs, Empaths, survivors of abuse and those who self-injure. All are welcome.
   Still in silence Preview Go
Dark...poetic screams and artistic gestures beyond anything Ive ever been able to say. Just a personal website.
   ..::Tired Of Being Real::.. Preview Go
Many people who self-injure are misunderstood and placed under harsh stereotypes, especially the girls. My site is dedicated to trying to right that image and to let the world know that cutting is not a way to get attention or a suicide attempt. Please check it out!
   Mental Health and Depression Preview Go
Describes my journey through mental illness and self injury/mutilation
   cryingkitten2001's Home Page Preview Go
My intentions for this site are to HELP people some how, and let them know they are SO not alone So basically what I'm saying with the warning is...if you feel like the topics that my poems are about will upset you, then please don't read them.
   Cath's Eating Disorder Website Preview Go
A place where Eating Disorders sufferers can find hope,support and understanding.Includes many sections,from eating disorders info (anorexia,bulimia,compulsive overeating) to warning signs, consequences,related issues (BPD,Self-Injury,Depression, OCD, etc.) poetry all the way to discussion board,personnal stories,help for friends and family members,etc.Hop

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