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Alternative Ideas to the Social System - This ring is for sites opposing globalization, war, and capitalism; for sites about activism, revolution, anarchy, class

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Alternative Ideas to the Social System

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Manager: theodora_maffat
This ring is for sites opposing globalization, war, and capitalism; for sites about activism, revolution, anarchy, class war, workers' rights, atheism, human rights, radical politics, freedom, animal rights, drugs, alternative media, propaganda, etc.; and for discussion of the ideas of people like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, Che Guevara, Michael Parenti, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Peter Kropotkin, Malcolm X, Ward Churchill, Ralph Nader, Timothy Leary, Colin Ward, Mikhail Bakunin, Hakim Bey, Vandana Shiva, Joseph McCabe, bell hooks, Chaz Bufe, Rosa Luxemburg, or anyone similar.

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   World Libertarian Order Preview Go
Worldwide organization stressing natural sequence in attainment of peace on Earth. Absolute individual liberty with race and culture preservation, leads to prosperity, which in turn leads to peace. Establish free enterprise everywhere. Ongoing prosperity and peace will then follow naturally.
   Alterworld Preview Go
A new perspective...
   Unofficial UK Politics Pages Preview Go
UK Politics - an alternative view.

   Parental Rights in Children's Medical Care Advocacy Preview Go
Child prodigy Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled author and poet of 5 books by age 23, advocates parental rights in children's medical care. "When doctors ask yes or no, parents should have the right to say no," says Shirley, survivor of the 1990 internationally broadcast 5-month custody case against a doctor. Juliet Cheng was on CBS This Morning with Paula Zahn. www.ShirleyCheng.com
   Derrick's Atheism Page Preview Go
Ex-Christian showing errors and contradictions in the Bible, as well as problems with the Christian faith.
   Limited Liability Preview Go
The capitalist saw long ago a need for a wall to protect his interests against the raging tempests of that cruel sea we know as the global free market. So he fabricated a legal entity called the Limited Liability Company through which he was able to transfer his risks onto the gullible unsuspecting poor.
   Trickle-down Theory Preview Go
Capitalism asserts that the more the wealthy are freely allowed to grow wealthier, the more wealth will trickle down onto the tables of the poor. But there is no more cause for this to happen than there is for the wealth of a farmer to trickle down into the feeding trough of his plough horse.
   The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! Preview Go
FrogBook.com is a blog that discusses the latest news on the environment, wildlife, animal rights, and science in general; their political and social implications will be deconstructed and debated - hopefully with a degree of frog-humor. Post your comments!
   Anthology Of Fools, Conflict Of Atheist & Believer Preview Go
Atheists proclaim the tenets of a science they fail to embrace as self-condemned apostates. They criticize the Bible they fail to understand, and surrender their own gift of reason to contend with blind believers of the simple faith. By proclaiming the tenets of outdated junk science, rejecting the findings of modern quantum physics, they are more dead and irrational than the religious people they judge and condemn!
   Faction zero Preview Go
Anarchist,anti- capitalist,experimental band working against the expansionist war in Iraq,and striving for human rights,and political and economic equality for all.

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