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A.F.R. Bio.Pages

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Manager: system2
The A.F.R. Members Bio.Ring

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Lucy Buckles' AFR Bio Page
The home of Lucy Buckles! Come on in and have a look around!
Kalani's AFR Bio Page
I'm Kalani. Read on to know more. :-P
Wolf's AFR Bio Page
hmmmm what to say what to say.... guess i'll write some thing later.
Thorin's AFR Bio.Page
The home of: Stephen "The Forester" of Trillingham Thorin "Swede Raider" of Warwick & Always One Of The Clan DeSomFrågar (Those Who Question) & SCRIBE Associate! (http://www.
AutumnCat's AFR Bio Page
Personal website including Renaissance Faire information and photos.

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A.F.R. Bio.Pages

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